Corporate Training Solutions For Companies in Dubai

We offer companies in Dubai corporate training solutions for language learning, cultural awareness and soft skills.

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We are a team of qualified professionals aiming to deliver the highest standard of English and Arabic language training in order to facilitate better communication between cultures, countries and companies. Our team consists of carefully selected, experienced and certified (native-speaker) trainers who recognise that every corporation has unique needs, and requires just the right training programme.

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Language Training

We offer language training solutions for companies based in Dubai. We offer courses in the following languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Our English corporate courses range from General English to Business English, and we also offer industry specific English courses which are guaranteed to take your employees English to the next level.

Exam Preparation

In addition to language training, we also offer exam preparation for companies in Dubai. Our exam preparation is mainly focused on English exams and are aimed at helping employees achieve the highest level of English they need in order to get their exam.

We prepare employees for the IELTS exam and also offer international recognised qualification through our partner LanguageCert.

Cultural Awarness

Understanding your colleagues is more than speaking a common language. Our cultural awarness training takes your company's productivity to the next level by helping your organisation have a better understanding of the different cultures working along side.

Our cultural awareness programmes really focus on improving your employees communication skills and understanding of each.

Teaching Delivery Style

We offer companies in Dubai flexible styles of teaching to ensure your organisation get the most of our the training.

We offer companies different training delivery styles to ensure we meet your needs

Group courses (from 4 to 20 participants)
Private (one-to-one)
Semi-private (2 to 3 participants)
Live Online Group Courses (unlimited number of participants)
Live Online Private & Semi-Private
Customised Video Content (For clients with their own training portal)