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Learn French with our Starter course so you feel confident when travelling to a French-speaking country or meeting French speakers.

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Starter French Group Courses

If you are looking to French in Dubai, we organise starter French courses to help beginner students discover the languages and feel confident with the basics of the French language when travelling to French-speaking countries and meeting French speakers.

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French Course Outline

This beginner French Course is intended for complete beginners, who have never learnt the language before but are keen to explore a new Language and Culture. Our absolute beginner French course in Dubai will introduce you to the language and teach you the basics you need to communicate with the locals. It might even help you to plan your next trip, give you a better understanding of the local way of life and enrich your travel experience. In our interactive classes, you’ll develop basic skills for everyday situations, comprehension, reading and writing, and begin to gain an insight into the cultural aspect of the Language.

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Our Methodology

Unit 1: Greetings and Introductions, Nationalities & Numbers / Unit 2: Asking for and giving personal information & Family / Unit 3: Describing likes and dislikes, Food & drinks / Unit 4: Ordering food & Questions forms / Unit 5: Survival travel vocabulary, useful phrases, common expressions, public transport, hotels, money

Flexible Prices

We offer competitive prices for our courses. However, we do realise that we are not the cheapest language institute in Dubai. This is because we only employ qualified native speaking teachers from the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and the US. We also guarantee small group sizes, no more than 10 students, to keep the lessons intimate, stimulating, and fun.

Group Course Price

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Private Course Price

10 hours = AED 1,800 

20 hours = AED3,500

Course fees must be paid in full before the start of the training.
Course fees include, all material, registration fees, & 5% VAT

Payment methods available: Cash, credit & debit card, bank transfer, cheque, and online

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