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What is the difference between General English and Business English?

updated on:
January 11, 2020

A great question for those not sure what they need to improve.

In a short sentence, General English is for people who need to improve their English for every day life, and Business English is for people who want to improve their work communication skills. Let's look deeper at the difference between the two courses.

General English

  • focuses on vocabulary & grammar for every life
  • focuses on speaking skills and topics people need for every day life
  • focuses on listening skills related to every day life topics
  • focuses on writing skills for every day life such as sending informal email, contacting shops, booking flights, ect...
  • General English focuses on improving all four skills of the English language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Business English

  • focuses on work related topics such as meetings, presentations, negotiations, ect...
  • focuses on improving students' work skills such as email writing, telephoning, presentations, ect...
  • Very little grammar involved
  • focuses on vocabulary related to work and specific industries.