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Which course is best for me?

updated on:
January 11, 2020

Let's help you choose the right English course

Choosing the right course cam sometimes feel a bit overwhelming as you do not want to waste your time studying in a group which is not right for you. We understand that and will recommend the right course for you according to your needs.

We cannot tell here which course is best for you as I do not know your level or why you need to improve your English. But here are some questions you ask yourself to get started?

  • Do I want to improve my English for every life or for work? If for everyday life then we recommend General English. If you want to to improve your English for work purposes then Business English.
  • Do I want to become confident in English? For confidence General English is a good option as it focuses on improving all four skills (speaking, listening, reading , and writing)
  • What is my current level? If your level is below intermediate, then we recommend you join a General English course. IELTS & Business English is for students with an intermediate level or higher.
  • When am I available to study? If you're only available in the morning, then we only have General English courses. If you can study in the evening then you can choose General English or Business English depending on your needs.
  • What is my budget? This will help determine the duration of the course you can take
  • Do I only need to improve one specific skill? If yes then maybe private is a solution.

Those are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself to decide which course is best for you. If you need more help, I recommend you call us to have a chat or visit us in one of our branches. For us to be able to guide you, it is best if you have one our online registration and taken the free online level test. This helps us determine your current level and we can then recommend accordingly.