IELTS Practice Test

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What is an IELTS Practice test

"It's a copy of an old exam to help you prepare at home"

If you're thinking about IELTS Coaching because you need your IELTS exam, then you will also need an IELTS practice test. Doing an IELTS practice test before taking the official exam helps you get a good understanding of the how the IELTS exam is structured and give you the opportunity to practice. It's important to take as many practice IELTS tests before taking the official IELTS exam. The more you practice the more prepared you will be for the big day

What does our IELTS Practice test include?

By filling in the form on this page, you will receive by email a link to download a full IELTS practice test. and include the following:

- One IELTS General reading test with answer sheets

- One IELTS Academic reading test with answer sheets

- One IELTS General writing test with sample answers

- One IELTS Academic writing test with sample answers

- One IELTS listening test with audio files and answer sheet

- One IELTS speaking test with sample questions

To get access to all of the free IELTS practice test material mentioned above, all you need to do is fill in the form on this page and you will receive a link to download all of the files. It's all 100% free so don't wait, get started today with your IELTS practice tests.

Looking for additional IELTS Practice Tests?

"A bit old-fashioned but you can't beat a good book!"

If you want more IELTS practice test then we have listed so great IELTS books below which you can order on Amazon. It really is worth investing a bit of money into good books when preparing for the IELTS.

Looking for IELTS coaching?

If you're preparing for the IELTS exam, then we recommend you take a look at our IELTS Coaching page, 'A Comprehensive Guide To IELTS Coaching'. It covers the different types of IELTS coaching available, from free to paid.