Teacher Profile

Mornings, afternoons, Evenings, Weekdays only
General English, Business English, IELTS / TOEFL, Conversation, Socail Activities, Interview Preparation and CV Writing, Soft Skills
Adults, Teenagers
8 years
English & IELTS Teacher
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What are you qualifications?

Human Resources Degree, TESOL Certification, Trinity CertTESOL, Aviation English Teacher Training

What did you do before teaching?

Before becoming a teacher, I worked in Human Resources as a recruiter and trainer in Toronto, Canada.

Why did you get into teaching?

I got into teaching because I love working with different people and helping them to achieve their goals.

Why did you get into teaching?

I find teaching extremely rewarding because I can see the personal growth in each of my students overtime. Getting to know people from all over the world is definitely also one of the best aspects of teaching for me.

Tell us about your experience.

Since 2010, I have working as an English teacher and trainer in several countries including, Canada, China, Afghanistan, Thailand, Brazil the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, I have taught aviation English for exam preparation as well as developed various courses and student assessments. I moved to Dubai and joined the Speak team in 2014. I now specialize in general English, exam preparation and soft skills training.