Business Writing

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Workshop Duration:
4 hours
Speak Institute in JLT
Pre requisites
Students must have a minimum level of B1 to join this workshop.
Saturdays (Choose your preferred date when paying)
10:30AM to 2:30PM

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You will learn all the relevant English grammatical and punctuation skills needed in business documents. In addition, you will learn many new business-specific terms, vocabulary and uses of language. All this is delivered by a native English business professional with more than 20 years experience. He will explain how to best structure and present the various business documents, which he learned after many years in the banking and I.T. professions. Most importantly perhaps, your confidence level will be significantly improved next time you write a business document in English!

Workshop Content

The students will become familiar with, and will practice the following:

  • How to structure the most common documents `(emails, letters, progress reports etc).
  • How to use a “higher level” business vocabulary (business verbs, collocations etc.) in your documents.
  • How to avoid the most common grammatical errors made in written business communications.
  • How to assess the best balance between more formal and less formal English in business documents.
We produce so many different documents as part of our business lives. These could be our daily letters and emails or various reports, project plans, meeting minutes and many more occasional documents. When read, all of these documents produce an image of us, for our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers and our bosses. We all want that image to be a very positive and professional one! So that’s exactly what we focus on in this course. Ensuring that you have all the skills and knowledge which will make your English language business documents stand out as highly professional!

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