Planning and Goal Setting for English Learners

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Workshop Duration:
Speak Insitute in JLT
Pre requisites
Elementary or above
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11AM to 12:30PM

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Students will learn how to apply practical methods and techniques that will maximize their learning curve and boost motivation. They will also exchange ideas and best practices within in a group and become familiar with: How to set appropriate and measurable goals for learning English; How to develop and implement actions plans; How to conduct self-evaluations based on real world situation;

Workshop Content

During this workshop students will:  

  • Set personalized SMART goals for improving their English language and developing their skills based on their current level;
  • Create practical actions plans to be implemented into their daily life;
  • Complete self-evaluations, and understand how to conduct future progress checks on their own;
  • Get advice on how to improve different areas of English and their skills.

After an initial stage of rapid learning, students start to feel that the pace of their progress is slowing down, especially when they have reached the intermediate (B1) and upper-intermediate (B2) levels. Avoiding this plateau requires taking control over the learning process through continuous planning, monitoring and evaluation in a goal-oriented approach. This workshop is aimed at helping students to set SMART goals and objectives as well as to develop a feasible and appropriate plan to achieve them. It also covers different strategies for monitoring, evaluating and reviewing personal goals overtime.

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