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Workshop Duration:
1 hour
Speak Institute in JLT
Pre requisites
Available for all levels
Every Wednesday
10AM to 11AM / 11:15AM to 12:15PM / 7PM to 9PM

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Increased vocabulary, increased fluency, increased speaking confidence and socializing

Workshop Content

Class starts with a weekly topic and a list with suggested vocabulary and questions tailored to each level provided by the teacher. The students (roughly grouped by speaking level) are encouraged to brainstorm additional vocabulary and questions related to the topic. Thereafter, they start the conversation by asking and answering their questions, with a teacher acting as a facilitator, correcting common mistakes and interfering if the speaking is lagging. The students also have a chance to check the vocabulary and grammar, asking the teacher for clarification if needed.

A weekly social gathering that focuses on expanding vocabulary, practising speaking, and improving fluency. Every week, we will emphasise one practical topic and dive deeply into that, giving students experience and confidence to speak more often outside of class. (Price includes 1 FREE drink)

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Most workshops take place on Saturdays.
Speak Meet Up
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