Frequently Asked Questions

Great support to you get started!

Below are answers to common questions we get on a regular basis. We regularly update this page to keep the information relevant and precise. However, it can happen that we make small changes and the F.A.Q page does not get updated immediately. So please double check with reception to ensure that you understand correctly before joining any course.

Do you teach English to children?

Yes, we do.
For children under the age of 14, we provide private English classes. For teenagers aged 14 or over, we have General English group courses or Academic English courses. For more information about English courses for children in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, please get in touch with us directly or visit our website.
We also provide face to face tutoring for children from age 4 to 17.

Can I study English for free?

We currently do not have any free courses. However, you welcome to visit us at one of our branches to meet the teachers and the admin team to have a chat and get to know us.

How many students are there in a group?

Quality training is very important to us which is why we guarantee group courses have 10 students or less. We open our groups with a minimum of 3 students and close the group when it reaches 10 students. On average we have 7 to 8 students in a group. Keeping our groups small ensures that our teachers spend enough time with each student and it also gives the students plenty of practice time for speaking.

Do you provide student accommodation?

Yes we do provide student accommodation. We have partnered with Uninest which provides excellent student accommodation in Dubai. For more information please contact us.

Do you train company employees?

Yes we provide corporate training to companies in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.
We help many company employees in the U.A.E improve their English communication skills. There are two options for employees wishing to improve their English.

1. Any company employee can join our group or private English courses at one of our branches in Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah
2. We provide training to a group of employees at the company premises. This is usually organised by the HR department. For information about corporate training click HERE.

Are lessons academic hours or full hours?

Our lessons are full hours, so 60 minutes. We believe in giving or students the maximum study time which is why we disagree with using academic hours which are only 45 minutes.

So if we say that a class is 2 hours in duration, you will study for a total of 120 minutes.

Do you offer the IELTS exam?

We do not offer the official IELTS exam but we offer IELTS courses to prepare people for the IELTS exam. We also organise regular IELTS practice tests.

In Dubai, we book the official IELTS exam with our partner, The University of Wollongong in Knowledge Village.

Our Ras Al Khaimah is an official British Council IELTS Registration Centre so you can book the IELTS exam directly at our reception.

For more information on our IELTS courses in Dubai click here.
For more information on our IELTS courses in RAK click here.

Do you prepare students for the IELTS exam?

Yes, we offer IELTS preparation courses in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. IELTS preparation courses are available in group classes, private classes, and online.

Do you accept international ESL students?

Yes, we have a great 'Study English Abroad' program.

Many of our students are ESL international students. We can help help you find accommodation in Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah and assist you in your visa process. Visit our Study English Abroad program page for more information.

How do I apply for an English course?

Joining a course at Speak English Institute is simple and quick.

1. Complete our free registration & Level Test. This can be done at the institute or on our website: Complete our free level test. This helps us determine your level and choose the best group according to your needs and level.
2. We will call you to get more information about your needs and to check your speaking level.
3. Decide on your preferred start date and pay for your course.
4. Start studying.

Can I pay for a trial class?

No you cannot pay for just one trial class.
We do not offer the option to pay for just one trial class. This is because we believe that one day is not enough to really see how good our training really is. We do however offer the option for students to pay for only one week to see if they enjoy studying with us. For more information on our  one week fees visit and click on "Price Details".

Do you provide student visas?

Yes. We provide 3 month and 6 month student visas. You can find more information about student visas for the U.A.E on our 'Study English Abroad" page.

Can I pay for my course in multiple payments?

When you choose a course and duration, it is not possible to pay for the total amount in more more than one payment. However, for some courses we do have options which may be interesting for you.

For example, if you want to pay for 12 weeks of studying in our Intensive General English course, the total cost is AED6,600. We understand that for some people this may be too much to pay in one time. So instead you can pay for 4 weeks at a time which will cost you AED2,640 every 4 weeks.

If you just want to try before you fully commit to a course and pay for longer periods, we have the option of paying for just one week. This enables you try the course and if you want to continue, you will only pay the difference to upgrade. For example, if you want to pay for an 8 week Intensive English course, the total cost is AED4760. Maybe you want to try the course before paying the full amount so you can pay for one week which is AED1050 and if you want to continue, inform us before the end of the week and pay the remaining fee which is AED3710 (4760 - 1050).

Where are your teachers from?

As an institute that specialises in English training, it is very important to us that all of our teachers meet the highest standards.

Our teachers are from the following countries:
- United Kingdom
- Ireland
- United States
- Canada
- Australia
- New Zealand

All of our teachers are qualified and have at least 3 to 4 years teaching experience before joining us. Most importantly, ALL of our teachers are native speakers.

When can I start my language course?

Most courses start every week, offering flexibility to our students. We understand that not everyone has the same availabilities. We have therefore created a system where students can start their class every week, with a few exceptions.
See below for more details.
Intensive General English: You can start any Monday (subject to availability for in the group).
Evening General English: You can start any Sunday or Monday depending on your level and availability in the group.
Business English: You can start any Sunday depending on availability in the group. (students must have an intermediate level of English to join Business English)
IELTS: You can start any Sunday depending on availability in the group. (students must have an intermediate level of English to join IELTS)

When do I need to pay for my training?

In order to join the course, you will need to pay the full amount before the start date. We recommend paying at least 1 week before you want to start to guarantee you have a place in the group. However, it's best to pay as soon as possible as this makes things a bit easier for us. If you can pay 2 or 3 weeks before your start, that is perfect :)

Which English course is best for me?

Choosing the right course can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming as you do not want to waste your time studying in a group which is not right for you. We understand that and will recommend the right course for you according to your needs.
We cannot tell here which course is best for you as we do not know your level or why you need to improve your English. But here are some questions you ask yourself to get started.
Do I want to improve my English for every life or for work? If for everyday life then we recommend General English. If you want to to improve your English for work purposes then Business English.
Do I want to become confident in English? For confidence General English is a good option as it focuses on improving all four skills (speaking, listening, reading , and writing)
What is my current level? If your level is below intermediate, then we recommend you join a General English course. IELTS & Business English are for students with an intermediate level or higher.
When am I available to study? If you're only available in the morning, then we only have General English courses. If you can study in the evening then you can choose General English or Business English depending on your needs.
What is my budget? This will help determine the duration of the course you can take.
Do I only need to improve one specific skill? If yes, then maybe private classes are a better solution.
Those are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself to decide which course is best for you. If you need more help, I recommend you call us to have a chat or visit us in one of our branches. For us to be able to guide you, it is best you take our online registration and free level test. This helps us determine your current level and we can then recommend accordingly.